Work with a Google Premier Partner

We’re one of just a handful of agencies in Australia to be awarded the Google Premier Partner badge, acknowledging our excellence in Google Adwords campaign management, account performance and client services. 

Online Marketing & SEO Services

Here’s the stuff we do in Newcastle and across Australia to increase your bottom line.

  • Online Marketing Managers

    Think of us as your virtual digital marketing management team. Our core service is ongoing digital marketing management and consulting for location-based companies and brands. We see ourselves as a permanent part of our clients’ businesses. Your own digital marketing team, a marketing brother from another mother.

    We’ll provide specific strategies designed to turn your online marketing in to offline customers. Marketing & advertising that gets your phone ringing. That’s what we’re best at, so that’s what we focus on.

    Our team has experience marketing a range of local businesses. From single location enterprises, to large brands & franchises looking to solidify their footprint in localised markets across the country. We have the expertise, resources & systems to give your local marketing strategy maximum power & direction.


    SEO in Newcastle and across Australia

    Search engines are the #1 source of new customers for the majority of our clients (after word of mouth referrals). We have experience helping businesses grow with SEO in Newcastle, Canberra, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast and right across Australia.

    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can seem like an incredibly complex art to master, but it doesn’t have to be. These days, major search engines like Google consider hundreds of signals when ranking web pages & mobile apps. Especially for localised search queries. Some signals you can legitimately influence, others you can’t. Luckily, we know local SEO like the back of our hand.

    What does this mean for you?

    It means we can increase your search visibility for the keywords that drive valuable outcomes for your business.

    We also have many years experience driving leads from desktop and mobile Pay Per Click (PPC) Google advertising. In fact, we’re one of just a handful of Australian companies to be awarded the Google Premier Partner badge for our excellence in Google Adwords campaign management, account performance and client services.

    More about our SEO and Search Marketing services.

  • Social Advertising

    Social networks like Facebook, Linkedin & Instagram have opened up exciting opportunities for businesses to reach new prospects with precision targeting. Never before has there been such a powerful opportunity to reach your perfect prospects, with the perfect message, at the perfect time.

    We’ve invested tonnes of time and money in perfecting our processes and strategies for localised Facebook advertising and Instagram advertising. We’re a member of Jon Loomer’s Advanced Facebook Marketers group “Power Hitters Club – one of the World’s leading communities of Facebook advertising experts. We’re committed to providing a World-class Facebook advertising service for location-based companies.

    Facebook ads are the most advanced marketing tool on Earth – bar none – and they’re only getting smarter.

    We’ll help you stay way in front of your local competitors with the most advanced social media advertising strategies available.

    Learn more about our Facebook and Instagram advertising services here.

    • Content Marketing

      Great content is the core of any successful digital marketing strategy. Blog articles, social media posts, videos, corporate photography, podcasts, images, snaps, stories, infographics, guides, templates, checklists, reports – you name it. They all have a place in the digital marketing stratosphere. We’ll help you produce great, relevant content that will engage your audience, boost your search engine rankings & generate more leads.

      If you have resources in-house, we can help you integrate systems for content production, scheduling & blog / social media publishing.

      Or, we can produce great content on behalf of your business.

    • Marketing Websites

      There are some great web developers and designers out there. However, we feel like many don’t understand how to build a website that ranks in search engines and CONVERTS your traffic into customers.

      We’ll help you find the right web website developer for your business and manage the project from a marketing perspective. Or, we’re happy to work with your existing web designer to ensure your site ranks in search engines and converts your traffic to sales.

    • Display Ads & Retargeting

      Web and Mobile Display Ads + Retargeting (a.k.a remarketing) can be an extremely effective form of digital advertising to help increase your business’ exposure online and increase your marketing ROI.

      Most people who reach your website do not convert on the first visit. So, it makes sense to get back in front of them while they’re still in the buying phase for your product or service. Remarketing ads help you do just that.

      We’ll help you leverage the power of creative, cost-effective display remarketing campaigns across the devices that your customers are engaging with most.

      More about web / mobile display ads & retargeting here

    • Email & SMS Marketing

      Email marketing and SMS are extremely powerful ways to engage with your local customers & increase retention rates. With the power of automation software we can help you build, manage and leverage your database to increase the likelihood of your customers buying from you again. And again. And again.

    • Online Reviews

      It’s no secret that local consumers’ buying decisions are heavily influenced by the reviews they read on sites like Google, Facebook & Yelp. One of our core focuses is helping clients build and maintain strong online reputations in a systemised, legitimate fashion.

      Learn more about how we manage your online reputation here.

    • Conversion Optimisation

      First of all, we definitely recommend you invest in a high quality website. We have met too many businesses who have seriously hampered their chances of success online by skimping on their website. While we’re sure your brother’s mate from uni can build a great looking site, it’s wise to do a bit more research and invest in a high quality web development team.

      Technical quality of your website can prove the difference between ranking well on Google or being stranded on page 5. It can mean converting only 10% of your website visitors to customers instead of 30%. It could even be the deciding factor of whether we are able to help market your site or not. Fair dinkum!

      Rule of thumb: If you think you’re getting a “cheap deal” on your website – You’re not. A poorly converting site will cost you heaps more in the long run.

      Ideally, if you’re looking to build a new website you’ll have us involved early on to make sure the site is designed in a way that doesn’t just look nice, but converts your visitors into leads.

    • Analytics & Lead Tracking

      We understand the importance of tracking your return on investment from online marketing. We can provide you with a World class digital analytics dashboard so you can keep on top of all your marketing channels performance in the one place. There are billions of digital marketing metrics we could spew at you, but we’d prefer to focus on the outcomes that matter for your business – Leads & sales.

      More on analytics & conversion optimisation here.

    • Podcast Marketing

      Thinking of starting a podcast? Audio content can often create a deeper connection with your target audience, with listeners consuming an average of 5 episodes per week. Podcast listening grew 23% in 2016 and is starting to become a mainstream media channel.

      We love audio because it is often an easier, faster way to start the content production process. For example, our podcast (The Location Station Local Marketing Podcast) forms the core of our own content marketing strategy here at Vicinity. Once recorded, each episode is then repurposed into a written blog article (Hello Google traffic), a video + multiple social media image posts. All for just a small investment of time and money at the front end.

      We can help you figure out whether a podcast is right from you, but if you are looking for a specialist podcasting agency, we thoroughly recommend the services of Ronsley Vaz and the team at AMPLIFY – Australia’s leading audio content marketing agency. Call us and we’ll put you in touch. Or, contact AMPLIFY and tell them we sent you.

    • Video Production

      A little secret: VIDEO MATTERS. Video is one of the most engaging, effective forms of content you can use to market your business or brand. You may have noticed the little video we had created at the top of our website homepage. See how that gave you a really clear idea of who we are and what we’re about? Yeah, well that’s the power of video.

      Now we didn’t actually produce that video. We used an awesome video production company called 33 South Films. Pete and Owen create absolutely amazing videos and we thoroughly recommend them if you’re looking for a top-notch video for your company. We’ve recommended these guys to a few of our clients now; all of whom have been extremely happy with the results.

      So while we don’t produce videos in-house, we can certainly put you in touch with guys like 33 South and then help you with a marketing strategy for that video content.

    • Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces

      You don’t need to be a marketing expert to understand that people still buy from people. We reckon this simple concept is responsible for the rush of new “sharing economy” startups disrupting traditional business models in recent times. Peer-to-peer sharing business models allow consumers to deal directly with the seller or hirer of a product or service. The success of sharing economy giants like Airbnb and Uber proves how this collaborative approach (along with a heavy focus on the end customer’s experience) is turning industries upside down left right and centre.

      Maybe you have an idea to build a marketplace and be a disruptor. Or maybe your traditional business is being disrupted and you need help keeping up in the fast-moving digital World. Either way, we can help.

      We’ve helped to grow Camplify (the Airbnb for caravans) in to Australia’s largest caravan hire and RV sharing community and we would love to help with your marketplace business too.

      Check out this Daily Mail article about Camplify’s impressive valuation, just 2 years after launching.

    • Business Partnerships

      We work with many Business-to-Business referral partners, such as web design agencies, industry-specific organisations, business coaches, accountants & graphic designers. These businesses trust us to help add value to their clients businesses with the power of digital marketing. We’d love to speak to you about becoming the trusted online marketing provider for your business.

      Got a great business idea but need the digital know-how to get it off the ground? We’re also interested in partnering with innovative startup businesses that need a digital marketing “arm” to grow. If your idea has legs, we’d certainly like to speak with you about how we can get involved.

      One example of a startup we’ve partnered with is Newcastle-based Camplify – the Airbnb for caravans. Check out this Daily Mail article about Camplify’s impressive valuation, just 2 years after launching.

    Your Digital Marketing & SEO Team

    From dentists to airports, plumbers to shopping malls…
    If location is important to your customers,
    we’re the digital marketing & SEO agency for you.

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    SEO and Pay Per Click Search Marketing.

    Cost Effective Leads Please, Google.

    Gain greater visibility in Google and Bing’s search results. Search engines are the #1 source of new customer leads for the majority of our clients. Done correctly, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the gift that keeps on giving. CPC (cost per click) paid search engine advertising can make a tonne of financial sense for many businesses too. Local SEO and Google Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising can be particularly complex. Luckily, SEO and local search marketing is what we do best. We’ll make sure your website is driving conversions, not just clicks and rankings.

    Read more

    Facebook Ads & Social Media Marketing

    Engage Your Ideal Prospects.

    We love building creative Facebook (and Instagram) advertising strategies for location-based businesses and brands. From local awareness campaigns, to lead generation ads and contests – we’ll help you engage your perfect audience. Facebook’s beast of a platform can seem insanely complex and confusing. The offer, persona research, audiences, retargeting, ad creatives, campaign execution, optimisation.
    Good news – Whether your ad budget is $500 per month or $50,000 per month, our social campaign process is super simple and effective.

    Read more

    Digital Marketing Analytics & Lead Tracking

    Track, Test, Optimise, Repeat.

    Digital marketing and SEO for multi-location companies is our specialty. We’ve implemented some pretty advanced analytics systems for companies with lots of stores or service areas. Location-based marketing analytics requires a different approach. You want to know how each of your locations is faring on a granular level so you can make educated decisions.

    Read more

    Mmmm…Content Marketing!

    Let’s Do Amazing Content Marketing Together.

    Content forms the core of any successful online marketing strategy. But not just any content. We’ll help you do creative, awesome content marketing. Our thorough content marketing process first involves creating objectives, understanding your ideal customers, assessing resources and choosing content themes and channels. We then help you create and promote awesome content, measure the results and act upon the learnings to keep improving your ROI.


    Reviews & Your Online Reputation

    Help the World Know Your Greatness.

    You work hard to please your customers. Let’s have that reflected online. There’s no denying the importance of your business’ reputation online and offline. Guess what? People can say whatever they want about your brand online. This can be a pretty scary thought for a business owner. We’ll help you get great online reviews and dilute the voice of your haters and trolls.

    Read more

    Online Display Ads & Retargeting

    Build your brand at a fraction of the cost of traditional media

    Ok, so first things first – we usually don’t recommend online display advertising as a core lead generation tactic. However, if your goal is to increase brand recognition display ads can help you achieve this extremely cost-effectively. We can also help you leverage the World’s most powerful retargeting platforms to reach your most engaged prospects and convert them into leads. Facebook retargeting and Google remarketing can be extremely cost-effective forms of online marketing.

    Read more

    Email and SMS Database Marketing

    Build a list. Grow that list. Profit.

    It seems crazy, but email marketing is still one of the most cost-effective forms ways to generate leads and repeat purchases from previous customers. Sure, it’s great to have thousands of followers on social media – but you don’t actually OWN that list of fans or followers. It is important to collect a list of people who have shown interest in your business or better yet – bought from you – in the past. We’ll help you automate email and SMS marketing so you can leverage your database for conversions and repeat sales.

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    The Location Station Podcast

    Advanced marketing tactics and technologies for location-based businesses and brands

    We interview marketing experts and business owners to bring you all the latest digital advertising technologies, SEO strategies and inspiring marketing success stories. Our podcast showcases a nice mix of guests – Learn from the experience of big brands like Microsoft and also hear the grass-roots stories of small business owners doing great marketing!

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