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We help location-based businesses, startups and brands grow with practical online marketing, SEO & clever social media strategies.


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Services We Provide

  • Local Marketing Strategy

    We'll provide specific strategies designed to turn your online marketing into offline customers. Marketing & advertising that gets your phone ringing. That's what we're best at, so that's what we focus on.

    Our team has experience marketing a range of local businesses. From single location enterprises, to large brands & franchises looking to solidify their footprint in localised markets across the country. We have the expertise, resources & systems to give your local marketing strategy maximum power & direction.

  • Search Engines

    Search engines are the #1 source of new customers for the majority of our clients (after word of mouth referrals). We have many years experience driving local leads from Pay Per Click (PPC) Google advertising and unpaid search listings via SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

    Local SEO is an incredibly complex art to master. These days, major search engines like Google consider hundreds of signals when ranking web pages & mobile apps for localised search queries. Some signals you can legitimately influence, others you can't. Luckily, we know local SEO like the back of our hand.

    What does this mean for you?

    It means we can increase your search visibility for the keywords that drive valuable outcomes for your business.

  • Social Advertising

    Social networks like Facebook, Linkedin & Instagram have opened up exciting opportunities for businesses to reach new prospects with precision targeting. Never before has there been such a powerful opportunity to reach your perfect prospects, with the perfect message, at the perfect time.

    We've invested tonnes of time and money in perfecting our processes and strategies for localised Facebook advertising and Instagram advertising. We're a member of Jon Loomer’s Advanced Facebook Marketers group “Power Hitters Club - one of the World’s leading communities of Facebook advertising experts. We're committed to providing a World-class Facebook advertising service for location-based companies.

    Facebook ads are the most advanced marketing tool on Earth - bar none - and they're only getting smarter.

    We'll help you stay way in front of your local competitors with the most advanced social media advertising strategies available.

  • Display Retargeting

    Retargeting (a.k.a remarketing) can be an extremely effective form of digital advertising to help increase your business' exposure online and increase your marketing ROI.

    Most people who reach your website do not convert on the first visit. So, it makes sense to get back in front of them while they're still in the buying phase for your product or service. Remarketing ads help you do just that.

    We'll help you leverage the power of creative, cost-effective display remarketing campaigns.

  • Content Marketing

    Great content is the core of any successful digital marketing strategy - even for businesses targeting specific localised markets. We'll help you produce great content that will engage your audience, boost your search engine rankings & generate more leads.

    If you have resources in-house, we can help you integrate systems for content production, scheduling & blog / social media publishing.

    Or, we can produce great content on behalf of your business.

  • Email Marketing

    Email marketing is an extremely powerful way to engage with your local customers & increase retention rates. We can help you build, manage and leverage your email database to increase the likelihood of your customers buying from you again. And again. And again.

  • Online Reviews

    It's no secret that local consumers' buying decisions are heavily influenced by the reviews they read on sites like Google, Facebook & Yelp. One of our core focuses is helping clients build and maintain strong online reputations in a systemised, legitimate fashion.

  • Conversion Optimisation

    First of all, we definitely recommend you invest in a high quality website. We have met too many businesses who have seriously hampered their chances of success online by skimping on their website. While we're sure your brother's mate from uni can build a great looking site, it's often wise to do a bit more research and invest in a high quality web development team.

    Among other factors, the technical quality of your website can prove the difference between ranking well on Google or being stranded on page 5. It can mean converting only 10% of your website visitors to customers instead of 30%. It could even be the deciding factor of whether we are able to help market your site or not. Fair dinkum!

    Rule of thumb: If you think you're getting a "cheap deal" on your website - You're not. A poorly converting site will cost you heaps more in the long run.

    We know & trust a few great web development companies in the Newcastle area, so we can put you in touch with them if needed.
    Ideally, if you're looking to build a new website you'll have us involved early on to make sure the site is designed in a way that doesn't just look nice, but converts your visitors into leads.

    If your site is already built, we're more than happy to work with your existing web developer to help improve conversion rates for you.

  • Analytics & Lead Tracking

    We understand the importance of tracking your return on investment from online marketing. We can provide you with a World class digital analytics dashboard so you can keep on top of all your marketing channels performance in the one place. There are billions of digital marketing metrics we could spew at you, but we'd prefer to focus on the outcomes that matter for your business - Leads & sales.

  • Business Partnerships

    We work with many Business-to-Business referral partners, such as web design agencies, industry-specific organisations, business coaches, accountants & graphic designers. These businesses trust us to help add value to their clients businesses with the power of digital marketing. We'd love to speak to you about becoming the trusted online marketing provider for your business.

    We're also interested in partnering with innovative startup businesses who need a digital marketing "arm" to get their idea off the ground. If your idea has legs, we'd certainly like to speak with you about how we can get involved.

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Our clients think of us as their in-house online marketing & local SEO managers – minus the $70,000pa price tag and with a heap more practical experience. If you choose to work with us, you’ll get clear communication, innovative marketing strategies & measurable results.

Our team is excited by the targeted digital marketing options available to businesses today and we genuinely see it as our mission to help clients adapt as technology develops.

Above all though, we’re about helping our clients grow their businesses and become leaders in their local markets.

Innovative Marketing

We're always keeping our eyes peeled for creative new ways to help you reach customers online. Whether it's via clever marketing software, or an enticing promotional campaign - we'll create an innovative marketing strategy that works for your business. We'll focus on results, no fluffy numbers or jargon.

Powerful Local SEO

Ranking on Google is crucial for many Aussie businesses. Local Search Engine Optimisation can be confusing & it's easy to stuff it up if you're not careful. Luckily, local SEO is our core specialty. We've driven tonnes of traffic to our client's websites over the years & we'd love to do the same for you.

Cost Effective Advertising

There are about 49 trillion ways local businesses can advertise online these days. Pretty confusing. It's easy to blow your budget on stuff that doesn't work, so we'll help you decide which ad channels will be cost-effective for your business. We can even deal directly with your advertising reps.

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    Businesses our team has done local marketing & advertising for since 2008

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    Online marketing projects launched for clients in 2015.

  • 11

    People in our awesome team of digital marketing advisors & support staff

Specialising in Location-based Digital Marketing, Social Advertising & SEO for Companies Large and Small.

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Specialising in supporting local business owners who need cost-effective leads & clear results from their online marketing.


Helping national brands & multi-location franchises reach more customers online with scaleable localised marketing systems.


  • Dee Glass Newcastle, Dee Glass Glazing Maitland

    Luke, Director

    “Our ranking in Google has increased, our website traffic continues to grow and our online leads have significantly increased as a result. I highly recommend you touch base with Vicinity to see how they can help you! (except for my competitors!)”

  • The Shed Company Sydney South west

    Michelle, Director

    “What can I say – I have mucked around for years trying to get my internet marketing correct – I think I have finally cracked it with Dave. Very impressed!”

  • saddingtons

    Anthony, General Manager

    “We’ve had a great relationship with with Dave. He’s come into our business, understood what we do and he’s really helped us maximise our advertising dollars.”

  • canberra-pest-control 02 6242 7779

    Director, Canberra Pest Control

    “I deal with Vicinity because they get results! Dave knows his Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing better than anyone I have ever dealt with before. He also puts the needs & objectives of the customer first.”

  • ABC-Orthodontics Specialist Orthodontist and braces in Newcastle

    Dr Kosy, Specialist Orthodontist

    “Dave has managed the internet advertising for 2 of my businesses and has provided expert advice which has enabled us to be market leaders. Always seeking to improve the performance of our marketing dollar. Great results always. Cannot recommend more highly!!”

  • WellFit Personal Trainer Newcastle Personal Trainers Logo

    Drew, Director

    “Vicinity have been instrumental in the success of our Personal Training company. Their knowledge and technical expertise in overseeing our online advertising campaigns, has allowed us to dominate the local market and open multiple locations.”

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