Vicinity Joins Advanced Facebook Marketers Group “Power Hitters Club”

Jon Loomer's Power Hitters Club for Advanced Facebook Marketers
We’re excited to announce that Dave our director here in Newcastle has just been accepted as a member of Jon Loomer’s Advanced Facebook Marketers group “Power Hitters Club”. PHC is one of the World’s leading communities of Facebook advertising experts.
The targeting abilities of Facebook & Instagram advertising are second-to-none and we are already generating some amazing results for our clients through these powerful social advertising channels.
Why? Because these social platforms have a TONNE of data on us as users. A bit creepy, yes. However, for businesses this is great news because it means we are able to reach your perfect customer, with the perfect message, at the perfect time.
Cost-effective, measurable digital advertising.
If you’d like to learn how we can help apply the power of effective Facebook advertising to your business’ marketing strategy, please contact us here

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