How to Create Hyper-localised, AWESOME Content at Scale

  We chat with hyperlocal content marketing expert Megan Hannay about how multi-site and national brands can compete with local businesses by creating and scaling authentic local content, local marketing and smashing local SEO.   5 Questions You Can Answer After Listening To This Episode… continue reading

Is Yelp a Billion Dollar Bully? w/Documentary Director Kaylie Milliken

Yelp is accused of extorting local businesses and manipulating reviews in an explosive new documentary by Prost Films. We talk with director Kaylie Milliken about Yelp’s aggressive paid advertising sales tactics and claims of small business bullying.   5 Questions You Can Answer After Listening… continue reading

How the Sharing Economy Boosts (Not Kills) Local Business

Founder & CEO of Spacer, “The marketplace for space” Mike Rosenbaum talks disruption and boosting local business through the sharing economy. Mike talks about how traditional businesses can actually benefit from this market disruption. 5 Questions You Can Answer After Listening To This Episode On… continue reading

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