Learnings from 100 Days of Video Content Marketing on Social Media

Social video content can drive leads and sales for your business. Brandon Clift shares insights from publishing 100 consecutive days of video content to social media… with his iPhone! Learn the process of an effective production schedule. 5 Questions You Can Answer After Listening To… continue reading


Localised Pinterest Marketing Strategy, Ideas & Tips [2017]

Pinterest content marketing for referral traffic discussed with the very clever Louise Cottrell of Travelpinners.com. Louise specialises in building audiences as well as driving traffic, leads and sales in the travel and tourism space. 5 Questions You Can Answer After Listening To This Episode On… continue reading

2017 Advanced Facebook Marketing Trends w/ Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer’s Facebook marketing blog has over 8 million unique users & 160,000 email subscribers. Dave Eddy talks to him about what is going on with Facebook marketing and advertising and where it may headed in the future, with specific relevance to location-based businesses and… continue reading

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