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We reckon Facebook advertising doesn’t need to be difficult. Results come from a great strategy, understanding your ideal customers and getting the messaging right for those people.
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Our Process for Social Advertising Success

Facebook’s beast of a platform can seem insanely complex and confusing.
Good news – our campaign planning process is super simple and effective.

  • Offer + Strategy

    Your target prospects aren't generally searching to buy your stuff while they're using Facebook or Instagram. We'll help you create a compelling offer to engage these people.
  • Personas

    To be successful with social advertising, we need to deeply understand your target audience or audiences. We'll get clear on who these people are so we can market to them effectively.
  • Copy + Creative

    As with any form of advertising, great copywriting and ad design are critical. We'll craft compelling, powerful messaging that encourages people to engage with your brand and convert.
  • Execution

    The doing part. Once we have the plan in place, we'll setup and optimise your social audiences, manage ad budgets and optimise your campaign for the best ROI possible.

Your perfect audience is on Facebook

We'll help you reach super-specific audiences with Facebook's advanced ad targeting platform.

Brisbane Airport Corporation

Brisbane Airport

The friendly folks at Brisbane Airport Corporation were excited to let Queenslanders know about their new service to Vancouver with Air Canada. We were even more excited to exceed their expectations with Facebook ads!

  • Mapped out highly targeted ad creative and messaging to specific audience segments
  • Drove prospects to a high-converting contest landing page with viral social sharing built-in
  • Tweaked audience strategy throughout the campaign to further optimise cost-per-lead metrics
  • Leveraged retargeting to build email list from BAC’s large volume of website visitors


We went above and beyond what the Brisbane Airport was hoping to achieve from their campaign. Monitoring the conversion data closely, we tweaked and tested the ads to find the best ROI. Results from this social advertising campaign:

  • 8696 new email subscribers at $0.27 per lead from Facebook
  • 1147 new email subscribers at $0.37 per lead from Instagram
  • 129,573 highly targeted prospects reached on Facebook and Instagram
  • Exceeded campaign KPIs by over 300%

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Social Advertising for Local Awareness

Local Awareness advertising at a fraction of the cost

We’ll help you leverage social channels like Facebook and Instagram to get your business in front of more people in your local area. Not only will we help you reach more people, we will also make sure those people are those most likely to be interested in your stuff. Oh, and social ads are cheap as chips compared to traditional media like TV, newspaper and radio.

Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

Facebook and Instagram are fantastic places to capture new customer leads for many businesses.

Huge user attention levels, precision targeting capabilities and cost-effective advertising options. We’ll help you figure out whether social ads will work for your business and how to get the best result for your budget.

Social Media Contests

Contests can be an incredibly powerful (and fun) social marketing tactic for many businesses. Everybody loves to win stuff. However, some contests are guilty of driving lots of activity with zero business results. We’ve found that the key is in the offer and who you are targeting with that offer. We’ve run heaps of successful social media contests and we’d love to help you do the same.

Social Retargeting – Your Ideal Prospects

Contests can be an incredibly powerful (and fun) social marketing tactic for many businesses. Everybody loves to win stuff. However, some contests are guilty of driving lots of activity with zero business results. We’ve found that the key is in the offer and who you are targeting with that offer. We’ve run heaps of successful social media contests and we’d love to help you do the same.

  • How much will Facebook advertising cost us?

    You can advertise on Facebook from as little as $5 per day. One of the best things about Facebook advertising is you are always in control of your budget. You decide on the total budget for your ad and how long you want to run your ad for. Facebook then optimises your ad to reach people who are likely to be interested. Facebook bids on your behalf to reach your desired audience. As your ad reaches people on Facebook, your budget will be spent. You can set a budget to cover the total lifetime of your ad, or you can set a daily budget that you would like to allocate per day. When your ad budget reaches $0 or it’s end date, whichever comes first, your ad will stop. You can change your budget or pause your ad at any point in time.

  • What do you mean by Localised Facebook Advertising?

    You can target Facebook users in a given area or radius of an area. Pretty cool if you ask us! This can be people who live in an area, who are travelling to an area, or who happen to be in an area - or all three!

  • Can't we just boost posts ourselves from my smartphone?

    Facebook is all about creating an enjoyable experience for their users, which they believe is limiting how much they are marketed to when scrolling through their news feed. Therefore, Facebook has algorithms in place to prioritise posts from a user’s family and friends and businesses don’t get much visibility. Just because you have 10,000 likes, does not mean all those people will see your organic posts even if you do boost them. Facebook advertising will help you reach audiences beyond those people who are already following you. Yes, you can simply boost your posts to get more exposure. Sometimes, a simple boosted posted is all you need - especially if you're just running a small budget and you're short on time. However, the targeting and testing options with this form of Facebook advertising are limited. We employ a more structured, detailed approach to social ad campaigns for clients to give our clients the best chances of success.

  • Does selling stuff on Facebook really work?

    It definitely can! Selling on Facebook is completely different to selling on Google or Amazon though. People are on social media to interact with their friends and discover entertaining content. They're normally not deliberately searching Facebook for products...yet. So, a different strategy must be employed if you're looking to sell stuff on Facebook and Instagram. Hint: It starts with giving, giving and giving valuable content.

  • Do we need to get more Facebook fans?

    More Facebook fans would be great but you don’t need fans to get your advertising in front of people. You can effectively advertise to people who are not fans or followers of your page. Having lots of real Facebook fans can be very valuable because these people are more likely to engage with your content and buy the stuff you promote in your ad campaigns. Still, we'd take a great email list over a big Facebook fan base any day.

  • My business services other businesses. Can Facebook ads still work for me?

    Yes you can! When you advertise on Facebook you can choose an audience of individuals who are decision makers in their jobs. You might want to choose people whose job title is CEO, Managing director, etc. This way you know you’re targeting individuals who are high up in the types of businesses you’re looking to market to. You can also target people who work in certain industries or who are interested in certain industry publications. The B2B targeting options on Facebook are vast and growing rapidly. Don't think your B2B prospects are in work mode on Facebook? Maybe not, but they're still the same human being. Social media allows person to person marketing, instead of thinking about B2C or B2B.

  • Arghh so much data... Which Facebook reporting metrics should I focus on?

    You'll normally want to focus on conversions first and foremost. A conversion is an event that occurs when a Facebook user clicks on your ad and they do what you would like them to do once they reach a landing page on your website. This could be filling out a form, reading content, etc. Clicks to your website are also important as this is the number of people who click on your Facebook ad. Conversions are a bit more powerful and in depth and can give you a better idea of how well you ads are performing. You will also want to pay attention to Cost per Click (CPC) which is how much each click is costing you or subtracting from your budget. The more clicks on your ad, the lower your CPC, which is good because then you know users are clicking on your ad!

  • How should we approach audience targeting for local campaigns?

    You can target an exact location, such as a city or suburb for example. From there you can choose a radius size to capture even more Facebook users close to your chosen city or suburb.

Make Facebook ads a part of your digital strategy.

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