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Google takes notice of real, authoritative links pointing to your web pages. High quality links mean better SEO and more leads from search engines. We’ve developed this local link building guide to help uncover valuable sources of links for your site.

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Search Marketing When Location Matters

Enjoy our sustainable, powerful approach to SEO and search engine marketing.

Our Local Search Marketing Process

Done correctly, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the gift that keeps on giving.
We specialise in helping location-based businesses get found in Google and Bing.

  • Technical SEO Audit

    We'll conduct a thorough audit of your site to uncover any technical issues that may be hurting your search rankings.
  • Content Audit & Plan

    Here's where we analyse the quality of your website and marketing content. We'll work with you to create an awesome content marketing strategy.
  • On-site Optimisation

    Based on the technical SEO and content audits, we'll kick into action and make Google love your website and content.
  • Off-site Strategies

    Search engines love content from credible sources. We'll help make sure your website is seen as authoritative in your niche.


Canberra Pest Control

Canberra Pest Control

After over 45 years in business, Canberra Pest Control had built up a strong base of regular customers. However the internet was taking over and traditional Yellow Pages ads were becoming ineffective. So, they asked us to help them with a dominant search marketing strategy to keep ahead of the curve. This involved:

  • Detailed research on the most valuable search terms for the business
  • Technical website optimisation for search engines
  • A solid online reputation strategy
  • Off-site techniques to help Google understand the business’ credibility
  • Google and Bing search advertising campaign support
  • Analytics implementation, testing and conversion optimisation


“I deal with Vicinity because they get results! They know their Search Engine Optimisation and digital marketing better than anyone I have ever dealt with before. They also put the needs & objectives of the customer FIRST.”
– Director, Canberra Pest Control

  • Continual growth in new customers and revenue
  • Dominant rankings for all target search terms
  • Drastically improved website conversion rates
  • Reduction in overall CPA (cost per acquisition)
  • A more modern website user experience – thanks to our friends at Redback Solutions who we worked with on the web design / development. Fair dinkum, it’s the best pest control site you’ll ever see! Go on, check it out here.

Let’s talk local SEO and search ads.

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Cost-Effective Leads Please, Google.

Ranking in Google’s unpaid results is the #1 source of leads for our clients.

We’ve also found that local SEO is the most cost-effective marketing channel for the majority of companies we’ve worked with. Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be incredibly complex. Major search engines consider hundreds of signals when ranking web pages & mobile apps for localised search queries. Fortunately, we know what works and what doesn’t.

Content Search Engines Will Love

Remarkable, optimised, engaging content = A magnet for search traffic.

We’ll help make sure your website contains content that ranks well in search engines AND converts traffic into customers. This includes great search ad copy and landing pages. We’ll also work with your web developer to ensure your content is presented well across all devices to maximise your marketing dollars.

Online Search Traffic Worth Paying For.

Investing in Paid Search Traffic Makes Sense for Many Businesses.

Sure, you’d always prefer free traffic over paid traffic. However, it isn’t always possible to reach 100% of your audience with SEO. So when it makes financial sense, we’ll help drive qualified traffic to your site via Google Adwords and Bing Ads Pay Per Click advertising. Done correctly, paid search should be one of your best converting traffic sources.

Why Should My Search Strategy be “Localised”?

Local search is more than being found in Google Maps.

Local search marketing is about being found whenever a consumer is searching with local intent – on ANY website, app or platform. Search engines, geo-targeted social media, online directories and classifieds, reviews sites, the list goes on. And local search isn’t just about small businesses. We’ve worked with some very large brands who have benefited greatly from taking a more localised, ground-level approach to their online marketing.

When Everybody Loves You…

Build an Online Reputation Your Competitors Will Envy

There’s plenty of ways to go about building a great online reputation. Many leading reviews sites and social networks have rules around the solicitation of reviews which you’ll need to be aware of. We’ll help you acquire great reviews legitimately. We’ll also assist you in diffusing any negative feedback your brand receives from disgruntled customers and internet trolls!

    Search Marketing FAQs

    • What tricks can I apply to be #1 on Google?

      NONE. Tricks don't work. High rankings on search engines are achieved with high quality content, a superior user experience and real authority signals.

    • How long does SEO take to work?

      It depends. As a general rule of thumb, we generally see results within 3-6 months of an SEO program. However, if your site is new and/or operating in a competitive industry, it can take years to rank for your most valuable terms. Heck, you might never rank for them! On the flip side, you might be able to rank well without too much effort if your market is less competitive. Of course, we'll do research and advise on estimated timelines before you engage us to do SEO for you.

    • Should I focus on SEO or Pay Per Click Adwords traffic?

      Obviously, the more 'unpaid' traffic the better. SEO is like the gift that keeps on giving if you do it correctly. So we'll focus on growing your organic search presence as a priority. In an ideal world, you're appearing high up in the organic results AND the paid listings on Google and Bing. The more spots you can cover in the search results, the higher your likelihood is of being found. However, we'll only recommend paid search ads if we think it will make financial sense for your business. For example, your website might need some conversion optimisation work done before we start driving paid traffic to it. Paid search ads are great, because we can test and measure which keywords are most valuable to your business and push the budget towards those to reduce wastage. Often, we'll use Adwords to test which keywords we should target with our SEO efforts.

    • I never click on the sponsored Google ads. Will my customers?

      Yep, they do. Google makes the majority of their revenue from people clicking those little sponsored ads. If you look at how the Google search results pages have evolved over the years, they've slowly taking over - especially on mobile browsers. As long as the ads are relevant to the search engine user, Google wants people seeing them and clicking on them. We have plenty of insights to back up the value of paid traffic, so feel free to ask us and we'll advise you as best we can.

    • What kind of budget do I need for Google Adwords?

      You can start from $1 a day if you want. Your Pay Per Click (PPC) ad budget largely depends on the search volumes and the competition levels for your target keywords. The quality of your ads and landing pages also play a significant role in how much you'll fork out for paid search traffic. Just ask us and we can provide an estimate of what your monthly budget should be - based on the products and services you want to sell and the locations you wish to target.

    • Is SEO really that complicated?

      Yes and no. There is plenty of technical stuff that Google looks at when ranking web pages on mobile and desktop. Most modern content management systems handle the basics out of the box these days. However there are plenty technical factors involved, such as page load speed, hosting quality, meta data optimisation, duplicate content and indexing issues, etc. Backlinks can also be confusing for an inexperienced business owner trying to figure out how to leverage SEO. Don't worry though, we'll handle the technical stuff. Let's keep it simple and focus on helping your business generate great content and an outstanding user experience for website visitors.

    • Can I pay Google to increase my organic search rankings?

      Nup. Sorry!

    • How do I build quality backlinks?

      Real, authoritative links pointing to your web pages help search engines understand your business' authority and relevance to certain topics. 'High quality' links mean better SEO and more leads from search engines. We focus on a few proven link building techniques which are all legitimate in Google's eyes. No trying to manipulate Google's algorithms - it's pointless and unethical. We focus on helping Google understand your business' real relationships. If location matters to your business, then check out this local link building guide INSERT LINK HERE to help uncover valuable sources of links for your site.

    • What does 'high quality' content and links mean?

      So, you want to rank #1 on Google for a certain search term huh? Your first question should be 'Why do I deserve to rank #1 for this term?' High quality content check: Does your content provide the most comprehensive, insightful, digestible, original and creative response to the search engine users' query? High quality backlink check: Who else thinks that your content is the most comprehensive, insightful, digestible, original and creative response to the search engine users' query? Are they reflecting these feelings through links to your content? We could go far deeper with the response to this question, but honestly - that's the nuts and bolts of it. Search engines want to give their users the best user experience. They're not really concerned about how much traffic you receive. Keep the needs of the search engine user in mind and you should be repaid in kind with litres of lovely organic traffic and sales.

    • Will you guys write the content for me?

      We can do. We have access to some wonderfully talented writers who can do the writing part. However, the industry-specific knowledge needs to come from your head. You're the expert in your niche. We use a number of techniques to help get this information out of you easily and quickly so you don't have to spend hours writing blog articles. What about the stuff you don't know? We can do the research for you and gain your approval before incorporating it into your published content. Many of our clients have talented content writers in-house who can produce content with our strategic guidance. We can handle the optimisation of the content for search engines and the distribution online, of course.

    Let’s talk local SEO and search ads.

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