Niche-ing: Specialising to Take Your Local Business National

A successful niche business owner with 30 years’ experience in a competitive industry, Ian Jones shares his amazing story of how he adapted his business to better serve his customers’ needs and become an authority in his particular market. 5 Questions You Can Answer After… continue reading

Copywriting & the Recipe for SEO Success [+ Awkwardness]

Award-winning Copywriter Kate Toon shares her best tips on clever SEO copywriting. Learn how to tell if your copy is rubbish or really good, how to choose the best keywords and how to write for humans while optimising for Google. 5 Questions You Can Answer… continue reading

Why ACTING Skills are a Must for Modern Marketers

Authenticity is the key to modern marketing! In this slightly unusual episode, we hear from acting coach Mike Drysdale on how improving your presentation and acting skills can benefit your business and help build better customer relationships! 5 Questions You Can Answer After Listening To This… continue reading

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