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Our Google reviews email template is designed to nudge your happy customers in a simple, legitimate fashion. The template provides an easy, step-by-step process your customers can follow leave you a review on Google.

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Help the World Know Your Greatness

You work hard to please your customers.
Let's have that reflected online.

Attracting More Great Reviews Online

Guess what? People can say whatever they want about your brand online.
This can be pretty scary for many business owners. We’ll help you mitigate the risk.

Help Customers Talk You up on Social

Let’s make sure the conversion about you is a positive one.

Everybody loves a bit of positive chit-chat about their brand on social networks. However, social media can scare the pants off you when the chit-chat is negative. We’ll help you cover your bases.

Build Genuine Reviews on Google

We’ll Make Sure Your Business Stands out in Search Results

There is a right way and a wrong way to go about getting reviews on Google. We can provide simple, legitimate ways for you to get those 5 star reviews pumping through on your search listings.

5 Stars Everywhere!

Diversify your online reviews portfolio.

Google and Facebook aren’t the only places where consumers can talk about your business or brand. Depending on your industry, there may be some very important sites we need to keep an eye on to protect your online reputation.

    Online Reputations FAQs

    • Can I incentivise my customers to leave me great reviews?

      NO, don't do it.

    • What should I do if I get a bad review online?

      Join the conversation and respond to the review publically. You should address the issues in the bad review while maintaining a professional tone. Acknowledge any missteps and offer to make it right for the customer. If you can successfully make things right for the customer they may in turn change their online review. Online reviews are not set in stone and can always be updated by the reviewer, another reason to respond to any posted reviews—whether positive or negative. Alternatively, call us and we'll help you deal with the issue.

    • Can I have reviews removed from my Google business listing?

      The answer is… yes, sometimes. Most likely though, it's a NO. There are some cases that warrant a review removing request, such as profanity or a clear-cut case of maliciousness by a competitor. The fact is, unless the review is profane and you can prove with very strong evidence that it is false, the negative review is likely to remain published.

    • Do Google reviews help my SEO / search rankings?

      Absolutely. According to a survey conducted by BrightLocal, roughly 85% of consumers reported reading online reviews. The same survey found that about 67% of consumers will read 6 reviews or less before they form an opinion about a given business. Search engines love online reviews for one primary reason, consumers love online reviews. They're in the business of providing people with the most accurate information to help them predict and make decisions around their future purchases. The more reviews the better for your search rankings!

    • How do I respond to negative PR about my brand?

      We suggest that there is truly only one proper response when managing complaints or negative PR about your brand: Offer an apology AND a solution.

    • What about customer feedback surveys?

      Customer surveys provide an opportunity to poll your users on questions that might otherwise go unanswered.
 Just make sure to keep it simple, only ask questions that fulfill your end goal, and avoid leading and loading questions.

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