Review: CoSchedule Content Marketing Editorial Calendar

Our review of CoSchedule – the [Freaking Awesome] Content Marketing Editorial Calendar Software

CoSchedule is lots of things. It is an automation tool for social publishing, a blog post automation tool and a social media planning and scheduling app. We’ve started using the app recently to help launch and manage our entire content marketing strategy. Previously, we’d just managed our content publishing manually. But since we were launching a podcast in late 2016, we knew that we would need something more robust to manage the planning, creating and publishing of our episodes, blog posts and various social media posts. The platform also allows us to easily share files, comments, and project details with everyone on the team.

So, we did some research and found CoSchedule. And I’m very glad we did!

After just a few weeks using CoSchedule, we’re now keen to recommend it to all of our clients. Content marketing is hard, especially for time-poor small businesses. We just know that CoSchedule will solve a lot of people’s content marketing woes! Here is one of their demo videos to give you an overview of the tool:

CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.



So how does CoSchedule work?

First, you set up your account and invite all your team members to collaborate. Then, you integrate the system with tools and profiles you already use – such as WordPress, your Facebook pages and other social accounts, as well as your email marketing software, etc.

You’ll then want to have a meeting with the CoSchedule team and map out the various workflows of projects and tasks and decide who is responsible for what moving forward. Then you get started filling up your editorial calendar (from CoSchedule’s desktop or mobile app) with all the great stuff you’re going to be putting out there for the World to see!




As well as allowing you to plan all your content in advance, you can also see your business or brand’s social media messages – all in one place! And if things don’t go to plan, you can always use their easy drag-and-drop rescheduling between days and pre-made social media templates for quick scheduling.

Other awesome features of the CoSchedule Editorial Calendar for Content Marketing

  • You can automatically re-promote evergreen content. This saves you a tonne of time and ensures you get the most out of every piece of content!
  • They have a Google Chrome extension, which makes it easier to schedule and share stuff as you discover it. We reckon this is a very natural, easy way for anybody within your organisation to share content consistently!
  • You can create blog posts directly from CoSchedule which publish straight to your WordPress blog. No double handling!




  • The app has a nifty little preview feature so you always know what your social media posts are going to look like before posting them. No more ugly incorrectly-sized images on our social accounts – whoohoo!
  • Has an easy user interface for making schedule changes
  • The app looks bloody beautiful on all screens and devices
  • You can set different access levels depending on who in your team needs to deal with certain tasks in the content marketing process
  • You can assign tasks, include notes about projects, send scheduled email notifications and set deadlines to make the entire content publishing process EASY, FAST and EFFECTIVE.


We’ve been looking for an all-in-one content marketing calendar tool like this for ages and we’re very happy we’ve found CoSchedule. Definitely recommend it!


P.S. Our favourite part about CoSchedule? The integration with WordPress. Just login to your site as you normally would and manage all your social content from the one dashboard. Bellissimo! 🙂



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