Well, we have some pretty exciting news to share – We’ve just officially “married” our friends at Redback Solutions! It turns out organising a formal business partnership is a pretty time consuming task, which means things are crazy busy at the moment. So rather than spend 30 minutes on a personalised blog post announcing our little biz-marriage, I thought I’d just copy and paste the official media release below and go spend that 30 minutes on some client work!

I do want to iterate that for all Redback and Vicinity clients (and collaboration partners), everything will be business as usual. Michelle, Graham, Kyle, Jess and Shane will all remain at Redback and (as of November 2018) super Sinead Conway has moved across from Vicinity as Redback’s new Project Coordinator. If you have any questions regarding our partnership, feel free to contact me directly on 0499 111 123 or email dave@vicinity.marketing. Cheers! Dave 

Media Release: Leading digital agencies partner up to embrace Newcastle’s innovation future

A new partnership between digital marketers Vicinity Marketing and website specialists Redback Solutions will form one of the largest combined digital marketing and website services team in Newcastle.

It is hoped the move will allow both companies to better support Hunter businesses to grow with the city and to compete in the booming online market.

Established in Newcastle in 1999, Redback has earned a reputation as a leading provider of technically excellent, custom designed websites – built and hosted for an evolving world of connected devices and platforms.

Vicinity is known as a leader in Newcastle’s online marketing space, helping businesses grow with clever digital strategies. Their range of agency services include creative digital advertising, social media, database marketing, website analytics and search engine optimisation (SEO) .

The newly partnered agencies have worked with a combined portfolio of over two thousand international, national and local clients across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

These clients represent projects as diverse as local plumbing companies all the way through to operations as large as the Australian Men’s Shed Association, University of Newcastle, Brisbane Airport and Newcastle-born tech startup Camplify.

Incoming Managing Director Dave Eddy said the official collaboration between the two companies would benefit from a strong working history together.

“We love what Redback does for their clients and we’ve worked with them over a number of years now. Everything is going to be the same regarding people and service delivery for both businesses’ clients. We’re excited to build on what Redback does, to help businesses innovate and build new, powerful digital experiences as technology evolves.”

“We’ve believed for a long time that Redback has the most talented WordPress development and design team in Newcastle. With WordPress now accounting for over 25 percent of the world’s websites, we feel this is a platform we can build on well into the future.”

“Vicinity brings an extra layer of expertise in helping businesses create a rounded digital strategy for their websites across major platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.”

Mr Eddy also emphasised the importance of client and partner education as part of the digital expertise that Vicinity brings to the collaboration.

“I feel it is part of our responsibility to ensure clients are on top of any new developments in the digital space. We help run an Interactive Minds chapter here in Newcastle, which is part of a series of digital marketing events run across all major cities in Australia.”

“It’s a great initiative, which attracts high calibre speakers from big brands, marketing technology providers and local experts to come and present in Newcastle and share their knowledge. This year, we’ve already had speakers from some major players in the industry including Google, Hubspot and Envato.”



From left to right: Kyle Fuhrmann, Leena Beker, Graham Hill, Michelle Hill and Dave Eddy


Graham Hill from Redback Solutions said he was happy to be partnering with a company that shares the same values and principles.

“This is a perfect partnership between two companies with unique complementary skill-sets. Redback and Vicinity have a shared goal. We want to help our clients grow their businesses. They’re not just buying a website from Redback or a marketing strategy from Vicinity. They’re buying growth for a brighter future.”

“There’s a thriving market in Newcastle with more and more businesses moving to digitise themselves. We’re moving the Redback team into Vicinity’s Newcastle CBD offices right amongst all the development that’s going on. There is unmistakably a mood of growth, energy and change in the city.”

“With the combined experience and expertise of the two agencies, we contribute to Newcastle’s future of innovation by empowering Hunter businesses to compete on a local, national and global market with excellent websites and well-rounded, future-focussed digital marketing.”

Mr Hill said another core shared value is the importance of relationships.

“Effective digital marketing and website design is about enabling communication between our clients and their customers. And we focus on this relationship building in our own business. Our clients know that they can get on the phone or see us in person and we’re able to have conversations at every level of their business.”

“This is not going to change with the new partnership. We’ve been around for a long time and we’re not going anywhere. We will be continuing the consistency, stability and care that our clients have come to expect.”


So there ya go – all married up! We’re really pumped for Newy’s digital future and again – feel free to contact me directly on 0499 111 123 or email dave@vicinity.marketing if you have questions regarding our partnership with Redback. Cheers! Dave

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